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How to decide on a Wedding Florist

May 31, 2023

Enhance your Venue Decor with a Wedding Florist

Are you trying to decide on a Wedding Florist? Flowers have been a beautiful feature at weddings for as long as can be remembered. Adding a delicate natural touch to a celebratory day, they have the power to make or break a wedding. 

When it comes to deciding which flowers you would like at your wedding you need a florist who’s going to ensure you make the perfect choice for you. A well informed florist should help you to figure out the colour most suited to your theme, wedding venue and the flower that best suits you!

Choose a Wedding Flower that suits you

It could sound unusual but typically a person has a flower that suits them… Whether that be a sunflower, a peony, or something a little more green! Finding the perfect arrangement for you should be any florist’s main goal so be vocal about what you love, like, dislike and hate. Your bouquet could make or break your wedding dress so don’t settle for anything less than love! Ask your florist to show you an array of options together and separately.

Willows Top Tip

Pressing your wedding flowers can be a lovely extra touch for remembering your special day.

Wedding Flowers & Wedding Venue Decoration Inspiration

Seasonal Flowers from Wedding Florists

Choosing your wedding venue and wedding date are often the first decisions you will make about your wedding. Whether you have decided upon a rustic wedding venue, outdoor wedding venue, summer or winter wedding, your flowers should represent you and your theme. The time of year may impact your choice of flowers due to seasonal availability and the colours that fit the look of the wedding. Try to be open-minded when it comes to making this choice as the bouquet you have saved to your Pinterest may not be possible during an English winter, but you may find something even better.

Narrow Down Your Wedding Florist Search

There are plenty of wedding bouquet options for everyone and it can seem like a difficult choice at first. Start by whittling down your options, eliminating anything you dislike or feel is not suitable for your wedding. Eventually, you’ll be left with a collection of gorgeous flowers and foliage that compliments your wedding and your look idyllically. If sustainability is something you are trying to consider for your wedding, you will find a list of flowers home grown in the UK on our eco-friendly wedding guide

Willows Top Tip

Look around at a few possible florists and wholesalers; don’t just buy from the first one you find.

If you have decided you would like to incorporate fresh flowers when decorating your wedding venue, a wholesale florist may be the better option. Offering to sell flowers in bulk, it may be the more cost-effective option. Whilst supporting your local florist is  great for the local economy, it can often be quite pricey for weddings. Cutting costs where possible is something we at The Willows hope to be able to help with whilst still exploring and executing your creative visions.

Try to Envision Your Day

Your wedding day is a collection of many components fitting together; try envisioning your bouquet with your dress and accessories as well as the grooms’ suit. Picture your wedding venue with the arrangements in place, does this spark joy? Could it be overwhelming and distracting? As pleasing as a flower may look individually, it is vital to be certain that it fits your style, decor and wedding as a whole.

Speak to your Wedding Coordinator!

Weddings can often feel like decision after decision to make sure your wedding day is as spectacular as can be. Having a Wedding Coordinator help in these situations can alleviate any pressure you may be feeling. At The Willows our team is always prepared with tips, tricks and advice to share with you – we may have insight; we’ve attended many weddings!

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